What is Rapelust.com all about?

If you want to see the epitome of immorality transforming into the most intense sexual arousal, Rapelust.com is there to grant your dirty wish. Forget about tasteful erotica and seductive solo shows – this place is packed with barely legal, extreme XXX content depicting violent intercourses, seemingly innocent chicks lured into dark forests or ending up locked in small rooms for days, as perverted men use their holes as they please. No beating around the bush here – the combination of gloomy settings and harsh porn scenes will make you shiver and gasp at the same time.

Rapelust.com covers one of the most frequent female fantasies. Although it might sound strange and contradictory, modern surveys claim that more than 50% of women admitted to fantasizing about being taken against their will. This piece of dirty paradise seems to know your deepest, darkest dreams, turning them into reality through their content. If you are a guy who would like to be raped by a woman, you won’t be disappointed. Although the majority of videos are focused on female characters getting their pussies and assholes destroyed by cocks, there are a couple of nasty twists.

The small heart icon surrounded by the bright red color captures the essence of this place. Rapelust.com is about bright-crimson butt cheeks, fast heart-pounding, and lots of intense and devastating lust. The black and red color pattern perfectly follows the website’s theme that revolves around dark places, twisted minds, and the violent nature of the videos. Rapelust.com has decided to accept the rape, focus on it and stick with it. They don’t try to indulge everyone with the mix of the mainstream and brutal. No, they are kinky, and they aren’t afraid to admit it.

The layout and the content

The homepage of Rapelust.com will treat the visitors with the new releases. There is a possibility to sort them by Date, Number of Views, or Number of Likes. Scrolling down the page will present the recently searched tags, popular tags, and a list of partners. The number of videos is over 450, and the length varies from only one minute to extended rape scenes lasting more than one hour. Unfortunately, the thumbnails don’t show any kind of preview, but the titles are pretty informative, so you’ll know what to expect beforehand.

The fast loading speed and easy switching between the videos are a big plus for Rapelust.com. Finding your way around should go without any hitches, even if you are an internet noob. The videos are neatly sectioned out and properly tagged. All in all, the navigation around this website is rather easy, and the thrilling rape scenes are there to keep you going until you find the one to suit your tastes. The collection keeps getting bigger, with frequent uploads of both users and website creators, but they stick to the theme with admirable commitment.

Unfortunately, the tags and the search box are the only ways to filter the content. Rapelust.com doesn’t include the list of categories. The reason behind this might lie in the fact that all scenes are about rape, only the niches slightly differ. Some of the most searched tags at the time of the review were daughter pimped, anal rape, a drunk girl, and raped wife in front of the husband. Although the settings and intros are different, it all comes down to one thing – a throbbing dick forcing its way down the lady’s aching holes. Expect lots of screaming, kicking, and forced orgasms.

Familiar faces and popular movies

One of the neat features of Rapelust.com is that it contains many rape scenes from movies and TV series. Having all the necessary info about the exact name of the movie or series and season number might be useful when finding the video of your interest on the internet. On top of that, it’s not like you can see legendary belles such as Monica Belluci or Scarlett Johansson getting raped every day. Not only do these women boast beautiful faces and bombastic bodies, but they also own enviable acting skills. Their moans and facial expressions are sure to push you over the edge.

The extensive and neat list of the stars featured in the XXX movies on Rapelust.com is another way to filter the existing movies further. The names are arranged in alphabetical order, and the letters in red on the black background make the search easy and fast. The number of different characters originating from different cultures and backgrounds makes Rapelust.com stand out among its competitors. This place is a house of extreme sex scenes presenting porn divas such as Adriana Chechik to movie stars like Charlize Theron. Is there anything a person can ask for?

How much does it all cost?

The videos found on Rapelust.com are free. On the other hand, there are a lot of pop-up windows and ads that might come in the way of having dirty fun. Luckily, there is a way around that. If you happen to like the content offered on this website without any ads whatsoever, the membership plans are as following:

5$ for one-month membership

15$ for three months

30$ for the period of six months

60$ for one year

As a registered member, you get free access to the videos uploaded by other registered users and a free pass to the Discord server. The email contact form is there to help you resolve any issues with the payment.

The final word

Rapelust.com doesn’t settle for mediocre acting, vanilla scenes, or poor acting. The videos are real, brute, and forceful, which shock, arouse, and raise brows. This place is not for everyone – the kinky-inclined people are gonna love it, and the shy ones will definitely have something to think or talk about.

Paying a couple of bucks to enjoy the supreme scenes of raw rape, fulfilling your grimmest fantasies is a good deal. Forget about the prejudice, give it a go, and maybe you’ll end up adding Rapelust.com to your bookmark index. Let’s get kinky!

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